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A Namehero review can only look heavily biased once you have become a user of their service. And there are great reasons for this. Indeed, not only they deliver in what matters for the well-being of your website (speed, consistency and great service quality), they also deliver on another point that matters to most website creators PRICE. 
So, forget about all these companies with great brand name reputations but lower quality, and come dive into the little-known world of Namehero.

1. Why even write a review on Namehero

I write about Namehero because I have been a website creator for over 3 years and I went through the stages of selecting web-hosting companies everybody recommended; but that delivered poorly on the services. I created two websites ( and and at first, I thought these companies I had chosen were good. They had been recommended by one of these popular website creators on YouTube. I therefore followed the advices and was left wondering what had gone wrong with me. For sure when you make your website yourself, you get a feeling of having accomplished something extraordinary. That is, until you realise your website is just a drop in an ocean of websites that are for some way better than yours. And once you start wondering “why I don’t seem to get any customers on my website, you uncover layers after layers of issues you had not considered first.

1.1. What matters

For example, you realise speed (not cost) is what matters to search engines like google. You also understand that consistency in quality is another factor that matters a lot. Then, when you compare how your website fares against these criteria; you are left crying your heart out.
Therefore, in order to save you time I decided to go straight into writing a Namehero review, as they are in my view the best compromise between quality, consistency, price and service. I compare them with two other webhosting companies I used prior to them, and tell you exactly why I switched from these two to Namehero.

2. Focus is the name of the game

I write these lines as an amateur who discovers as I put into practice. My websites have an objective of generating money through the delivery of content that I sponsor with affiliate marketing. In order to achieve any results, it is important to realise that your website will be fighting for attention. First the attention of google, which is directly linked to the attention of its users. In order to fulfil this mission, one of your key objectives will be to stay as far away from getting involved in the technical aspect of your website as possible. Indeed, when you consider the amount of time it takes to write a post, review it, edit it, research the content related to it, you just cannot waste time worrying about the quality of your website. 

2.1. And reliability of your web host

And if you need to keep contacting your webhosting companies because of recurring issues, you will never make it. Therefore, you need a reliable web hosting company to help keep you focus on your task. And that’s where a Namehero review becomes necessary.

3. My user experience

I mentioned I have been a web creator for over three years. I am not really a web designer, but because I did not want to hire someone to design my website for me, I had to learn everything from scratch. One of the key elements of creating a website is to have a web hosting company that can provide you with a domain name. At first, I chose Bluehost as they were talked about everywhere. On the surface they looked good in terms of price and service, but I realised after a while that their alluring price came at a cost. Standardised service and bad speed quality, which damage your chances of ranking on google. I then decided when I made my partner’s website, to switch to another supplier. I chose Hostgator. And to put it mildly, in terms of quality it went from bad to worse.  

3.1. Beware of recommendation you can’t validate

Once again, I had fallen prey to the recommendations of these web design gurus on YouTube. That’s through practice that I realised that these guys recommended Bluehost and Hostgator because they were affiliates for these companies. But then when I started to veer away from their YouTube videos and went to their websites, I also understood that the words they preached on YT was not the one they adopted on their own websites. Therefore, if you want to know if someone who recommends you a webhosting is honest, go to their website. If the way their website is designed is not in line with the way they design a website on YT that’s a red flag. You will realise they tend to recommend many services one after the other as the “best of” etc…

3.2. Lean toward recommendations you can validate

It’s after so many years of experience that I started to have a feel onto who was reliable and who was not. For example, and DarrelWilson are pretty good at what they do in terms of web hosting testings and comparison. Why do I say that? Because when I watched their tests and compared it with my own experience using 3 different webhosting companies (Bluehost, Hostgator and Namehero) I found there was congruence. 

4. Namehero review vs Bluehost vs HostGator: Time

Again, I speak about my own experience and a cross comparison I did with people who tested these web hosting companies.
Namehero beats Bluehost and HostGator in terms of speed hands down. Even with their share hosting plan, their quality compares with other expensive webhosting companies. There are few things to be aware of in terms of optimising the performance of your website, but if you follow the video below, it will be pretty straightforward. They use LiteSpeed caching and CDN which makes a huge difference with the speed. 

Namehero speed review versus Bluehost and Hostgator

Source: Darrel Wilson Web-hosting tests

Their speed score is way better that Bluehost and HostGator. As a matter of fact, HostGator is way crazier in terms of consistency, and it’s to the lowest common denominator.
Namehero on the other hand consistently delivers in terms of speed, which is an important factor. You don’t want something that is great today and rubbish the next day.

5. Namehero vs Bluehost vs HostGator: Downtime

Another important criterion I discovered when I used the different hosting companies is their downtime. Broadly speaking downtime is the amount of time where your website is offline. So basically, it won’t be accessible which will affect your ranking on search engine like google. 

Namehero downtime compared with Bluehost and Hostgator

Source: Darrel Wilson Web-hosting tests

If you look at the downtime of a Namehero and compare it with those of popular webhosting such as HostGator and Bluehost, you then realise Namehero is in another category of its own. 
The company really delivers into quite a few important metrics.

6. Price: Namehero review vs Bluehost vs HostGator

By now I hope you have recognised that cheap products are not or should not be your key measure of a good webhosting company. That said if you compare the price of Namehero to these popular companies you will realise they are still competitive. As a matter of fact, in one case they are cheaper. I provide you a price comparison of the hosting service I bought with Namehero compared to the same level for Bluehost and HostGator.
They are pretty competitive in terms of price if you compare them to the other webhosting companies. And when you factor in their average speed, downtime consistency and quality of service you then realise they are absolutely great.

Webhosting comparison Namehero vs bluehost vs Hosgator

7. Namehero vs Bluehost vs HostGator: Customer service

7.1. Bluehost review

This criterion will be based solely on my own experience with these 3 companies. I started first with Bluehost. They have a nice interface and their customer service seems great at first. The only problem is when you have serious issues, you start to realise they have limited and standardised ability (which mean an answer fits all mindset). The other issue I had with them was regarding the lodging of complaints. For some reason every time I used safari to communicate with them the system went down and they didn’t have a follow-up system which frustrated me a lot.

7.2. HostGator review

HostGator was the second webhosting I chose after Bluehost. I still had a contract with the later, but I wanted to try something different for my partner ’website. Again, a company that is recommended left and right by everyone, but that does not deliver at all on the service. Actually, I was lucky that I was within my cancellation policy with them when I switched to Namehero. Indeed, I stumbled upon Darrel Wilson and reviews on Youtube and that convinced me that it was not just a bad feeling I had with the Gator. Mysteriously their customer interface looked a lot like that of Bluehost and after a few researches I realised they were part of the same company. That did it for me and I decided then to transfer everything to the unsung hero.

7.3. Namehero review

To be completely honest my first interaction with Namehero customer service did not please me. It’s because the interface of their standard customer service is not as glittering as those of Bluehost and Gator. Then again, I remembered that I had pretty poor experience with these two. So, I decided to let time do its effect. They have a great system where their normal customer service team take cares of basic stuffs. Then, once the requests get more complex, they help you raise a request with their technical support team. They have a very good follow-up system that seem to be set-up to make sure they absolutely track down on the service they provide their customers. They really helped me on quite a few serious issues such as eliminating threats to my website, help with the speed of my two websites, etc… They are just on top of their game.

8. Conclusion of Namehero review

Don’t let their rustic interface fool you, Namehero is a strong and serious player in the webhosting game. They put most of the expensive and popular webhosting companies to shame. They have great numbers in terms of quality, speed, customer service and even price. After all I wrote if you don’t believe me try the blue and the gator, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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