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afro-cuban dance styles: salsa, bachata, contemporary

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Afro-Cuban dances, salsa, bachata, and contemporary Cuban dances have always fascinated me. So much so that body movement obsesses me. Ever since I was five, I discovered that with certain moves, you could unlock a sweeping power that brings an indescribable feeling of joy and freedom to your being. And although I waited many years and experienced many other activities, I finally decided to give up everything and focus solely on dance. First, I started with bachata and salsa, which I found enticing. Then, I realized the many forms of afro-Cuban dances heavily drew me. They all had something particular to offer, and they all seemed to lead to the same place: the absolute freedom from your body and the realization that something else exists inside and within you. Oh, and you can experience this feeling within a few seconds. So, enjoy the multifaceted benefits of afro-Cuban dances, body movement, salsa, and bachata using all the practical tools I made available.