Cuban Dances

Cuban son is a unique and gracious couple's style of dance. Although its rhythmic patterns are different from salsa, if you can master son, you will be able to dance salsa.

Salsa and Rumba The Amazing Connection

Discover the strong connection between salsa and rumba with this easy-to-follow guide on salsa history. Along the way, you will also discover that the best way to learn salsa is to go back to rumba.

Discover rueda salsa, a dance style that will guarantee happiness, fun and health. It's a multi-partner’s dance form from Cuba that predates salsa.

The 5 Casino Dance Steps You Can Do Now

Casino dance is a dance style in Cuba closely associated with Cuban salsa. It originated at the beginning of the 20th century and is a social dance form.

The Great Benefits of Social Dancing

Social dancing is one of the most effective ways to meet new people and potentially find a love partner while you have great fun. With positive effect on individuals and even businesses.

Exciting Way To Dance To The Rhythm

Master how to dance to the rhythm, with this detailed, step-by-step approach. It features brilliant videos that explain all you need to know to be a great dancer.

There is something magical and mystical about salsa Cuban style. However, unless you experience it yourself, it won't be easy to understand.

Cuban salsa dancing is not only a great way to have fun, but it’s also a great way to socialize, lose weight and see life from a different angle.

Rumba clave is one of the instruments you hear in typical Cuban rumba music, but also in salsa. If you struggle to find the beats or rhythm of salsa songs, chances are you cannot locate where the rumba clave is.

Cuban salsa moves are some of the most dazzling and free-spirited moves of salsa dances. but in order to master them you need to undergo a few steps. Ready?

The Best Guide To Salsa Cuban Style

Salsa Cuban style is in my opinion the best salsa. Its’ not only playful and varied, it also serves as a great work-out.

Cuban dance is not just limited to salsa. Although the dance is prevalent and a staple of Cuban culture, what defines Cuban dance is extraordinarily diverse and rich.

If you want a great guide of the best salsa music for beginners look no further. One of the key challenge beginners have in their salsa journey is to find the correct music to listen to.

The Best Guide To Rueda Dance

Rueda dance or casino rueda is a dance form from Cuba that involves two or more couples. It is danced in a circular motion, like the wheels of a casino game.

Salsa dancing is a dance genre that was created in the US in the mid twentieth century. Its ancestors trace their roots back to the popular dances of Cuba.

Cuban rumba dance is the most effective way for any dancers to develop great body movement and good hearing for music because of its heavy usage of the clave.


Salsa vs Bachata Secrets You Should Know About

The difference between salsa vs bachata lies mainly in the tempo and rhythm. One (bachata) has a more straightforward rhythm which can be helpful when you try to learn salsa.

The Best Salsa Style For You In 7 Keys

The many styles of salsa dance can be confusing to newcomers. In this post, we will dispel some of the misconceptions, clarify what salsa style might be the best for you, and give you a checklist of key points to consider to be a great salsa dancer.

The Best Salsa Timing Guide You Can Use Now!

Good salsa timing is THE most critical aspect of salsa dancing. It implies that you have developed a strong hearing ability for the music and can match this skill with the corresponding dancing steps.

Are you looking for a proven way to learn salsa for beginners? With this fantastic tutorial, you will discover the secrets to being a great dancer.

The Best Salsa Dance Shoes – A Guide

The selection of good Salsa dance shoes is one of the most important aspects of your salsa dance journey. But what shoes should you choose and why? The following post provides a guide to the best salsa dance shoes to help you enjoy your salsa dancing.

Exciting Way To Dance To The Rhythm

Master how to dance to the rhythm, with this detailed, step-by-step approach. It features brilliant videos that explain all you need to know to be a great dancer.

How To Play The Exquisite 3 2 Clave

3 2 clave refers to the number of times you will hear the clave on a count of 8 beats. This is the tempo used in many salsa songs. Therefore, it pays to know how to recognize the patterns of the clave in a song.

The Most Powerful Clave Salsa Secrets

Recognizing the clave in salsa is one of the most challenging tasks for dancers. Yet very few videos or posts explain how to find it.

The Most Important Salsa Steps – Part 1

When you start dancing salsa, the most pressing request dancers have is, "What are the salsa steps?".

Did you know that 90 to 95% of salsa dance does not involve a single salsa step? Your read right. And if you struggle after many years of practice, chances are, you focused a lot on steps rather than the 95% that mattered the most. 

The Best Way To Dance Casino Rueda Now

Casino Rueda, otherwise wrongly called Cuban salsa, predates salsa. It's a fascinating social dance that originated in Cuba, where groups of couples gathered together to dance. It came to light in the early 20th century and involved people dancing in a circular motion.

Salsa on 1, an exciting dance style from L.A., is danced on the first beat of the basic salsa steps. It differs from salsa-on-2 (New York salsa) in that the latter uses the second beat to break.

Have you ever lied in bed, dreaming you knew how to dance salsa? Not only is it easy, but you can learn by yourself.

Check-out my basic salsa recipe with these 5 simple salsa basic dance steps.


Zouk Dance Secrets You Didn’t Know About

Zouk dance has become widely popular over the last few years, with people going crazy for Brazilian zouk dance, for example. But zouk dance is not new and, in fact, has been there for many years.

Zumba for men is a great alternative to gym

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Weight Loss

If you are wondering "can dancing help you lose weight and be strong”, carry on reading. I not only answer that question but I also provide a step by step guide to help you achieve that.


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