The difference between salsa vs bachata lies mainly in the tempo and rhythm. One (bachata) has a more straightforward rhythm which can be helpful when you try to learn salsa.

The Best Salsa Style For You In 7 Keys

The many styles of salsa dance can be confusing to the new comers. In this post, I provide my secret checklist of key points to become a great salsa dancer.

The Best Salsa Timing Guide You Can Use Now!

Good salsa timing is THE key aspect of salsa dancing. It implies that you have developed strong hearing ability for the music and are able to match this skill with the corresponding steps.

Are you looking for a proven way to learn salsa for beginners? With this amazing tutorial you will discover the secrets to be a great dancer.

The Best Salsa Dance Shoes – A Guide

Selecting the perfect salsa dance shoes are one of the most important aspects of your salsa dance journey. But what shoes should you choose and why? In the following post I provide a guide to the best salsa dance shoes, in my opinion, to help you enjoy salsa.

Exciting Way To Dance To The Rhythm

Master how to dance to the rhythm, with this detailed, step-by-step approach. It features brilliant videos that explain all you need to know to be a great dancer.

How To Play The Exquisite 3 2 Clave

3 2 clave refers to the number of times you will hear the clave on a count of 8 beats. This is the tempo used in many salsa songs. Therefore, it pays to know how to recognise the patterns of the clave in a song.

The Most Powerful Clave Salsa Secrets

Recognising the clave in salsa is one of the most challenging tasks for dancers. Yet very few videos or posts explain how to recognise the clave.

The Most Important Salsa Steps – Part 1

Salsa steps are important to know but are not everything. Be focused on expressing yourself first.

Did you know that 90 to 95% of salsa dance does not involve a single salsa step? Your read right.

The Best Way To Dance Casino Rueda Now

Casino rueda, otherwise wrongly called Cuban salsa predates salsa. It’s a fascinating social dance that originated from Cuba.

Salsa on 1, often referred to as LA salsa, is danced on the first beat of the basic salsa steps. It differs from salsa on 2 (New York salsa).

Have you ever lied in your bed, dreaming you knew how to dance salsa? Unlike what many have let you believed, not only it’s easy to learn salsa but the best way to start is doing it by yourself.

It’s funny! When you look for basic salsa, you can find at least 3 or 4 posts related to the food. Here we are going to talk about salsa the dancing steps. And quite frankly they both go well together.