body balance workout

The Best Body Balance Routine For You Now

My body balance system is a proven system that ensure you not only get flexible, but that you also get physically strong and have your mind re-aligned. Enter this 48-day challenge that guarantees great results, beautiful health and, happiness. This will hugely transform your whole self and the secret is …It’s EASY. You just need to show-up, and I will take care of everything.

Yoga For Inflexible People

The Best Yoga For The Inflexible People Like You

Discover this simple yoga training for inflexible people. I made it for those with zero flexibility who would like to feel loose in their body. Unlike what you might think, your ability to get flexible has not completely gone away. Follow these simple, educated yoga steps and in a matter of few weeks you will start getting results.

flexibility routine-flexibility pose

The Best Guide To A Great Flexibility Routine

If you engage in any form of physical activities, you must have a flexibility routine to help you prevent injuries and keep your whole system healthy. Following is my step by step guide into what to do and to avoid if you want a successful flexibility routine that yield results.

Salsa Cuban Style

How to Master Salsa Cuban Style in Five Steps

There is something magical and mystical about salsa Cuban style. Unless you experience it yourself, it will be difficult for you to understand. Not only is the dance strongly rooted into Afro-Cuban movements, it also incorporates a wide variety of other musical genres. When you dance Cuban salsa, you realise it’s a language with many dimensions and layers, from physical presence to seduction.