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The Best Body Balance Routine For You Now

My body balance system is a proven system that ensures you get flexible, physically strong, and have your mind re-aligned. So enter this 48-day challenge that guarantees excellent results, beautiful health, and happiness. This will hugely transform your entire self, and the secret is …It’s EASY. You only need to show up, and I will take care of everything.

Body balance with shoulder root

1. What is body balance?

My definition of body balance is a system that ensures that no stone is left unturned as far as the health of your body is concerned. The following equation could summarise it:

1.1. Strong body + Flexibility + Focused Breathing = Body Balance

Sometimes people who are engaged in flexible activities such as Yoga asanas don’t necessarily develop a strong body. Instead, they are happy to let their body sink into the flow of the yoga activities. This is fine, but it could be improved.
On the other hand, you have people who can lift tons of weight but can’t lift their own arms.
The third type of people you can encounter are those who struggle with everything they do because they have yet to learn a very simple trick: to breathe correctly and in synch with whatever activities they might be doing. Maybe you experienced this when you tried something new, like a forward bend or a few extra push-ups. Your breathing alone can almost derail you. It becomes irregular, jerky, and fast.

# My solution

I am proposing to you the merging of a strong body with a flexible one, accompanied by regulated breathing. But unlike a pure gym workout or yoga session, we will melt all three areas together to reflect a “functional” body balance.

2. What is it good for?

It makes sense to wonder why delving into body balance. Well, a few reasons list as follows:
✅ Physical strength – trust me. You might end up missing your gym days.

✅ Coordination – See your body as a malleable substance you can use differently depending on the situation

✅ Flexibility – Be able to explore new dimensions with your body

✅ Positive mental attitude – Understand what your drive in this 48days challenge means for your attitude toward life

✅ Regulated breathing – Have more mastery over your body and mind by “capturing” your breath inside the movements you undertake.

✅ Getting rid of physical ailments – That’s one of the unsuspected benefits of a body balance program. Sometimes, you can eradicate some health issues by doing little exercises that don’t look the part. 

3. How often should I do Body Balance?

It depends on your goals, but I suggest a minimum of 3 times a week. For some reason, the number 3 is a magical one when it comes to providing results. Some people suggest once a week. I don’t know anything you can do at that frequency that can yield tangible results. My program is a 48 days challenge that you can do in 90 days instead (in effect doing it three times a week). The main point here is you want to finish something challenging that you can be proud of, know you went through it, and can now rip the benefits.

4. Is it good for beginners?

Absolutely. My 48days body balance challenge targets everyone who wants to enter the grind at their own pace. The critical challenge is not the physical exercises you will do but the mental toughness it takes to stick to doing something repetitive for 1 month and a half. Of course, there are phases you will not like and where you will want to give up. But I will support you in spirit because I went through it myself. And if you ever drop me an email, I can help you directly.

Key Body balance 48 days milestone

5. Is Body Balance good to lose weight?

Because the exercises have a certain level of intensity, body balance will help you lose weight. But that’s not all. Along the way, you will learn how to get flexible and tone your muscles.

6. Body balance exercises

As with my previous posts on flexibility workouts or conditioning, I follow a structured pattern aimed at avoiding any issues that can prevent you from practicing over the long term.
We will start with a functional warm-up, then move to the exercises themselves and finish with a recovery phase.

The perfect body balance routine cycle

6.1. Heat-up: 5-10 minutes

This phase is crucial if you want to see progress in your efforts. Sometimes people wrongly assume that flexibility stretches are warm-ups. That’s wrong. So don’t go out trying to do a split or back bend out cold. Instead, in my heat-up, I try to bring the heat as safely as possible to your body.

Next is the body balance part.

6.2. Body balance program

➡️ Conditioning: 10 minutes

This part increases your body’s strength and tones your muscle. This is a 48 days challenge, so don’t worry if, at first, these look difficult. We will work on your quadriceps, triceps, and core. You will be introduced to what I call “Little Infernos,”…Small, unassuming exercises that will make you yell a little. But not to worry, it will be all in the bag for you after a while.

You will be introduced to what I call “Little Infernos”

➡️ Flexibility: 20 minutes

We have hardened the body. Now let’s soften it to create that ideal body balance we are after. We will work on your hamstrings, gluteus, deltoid, spine, and latissimus dorsi.

6.3. Recovery: 5-10 minutes

After these intensive efforts, we will create the perfect landing so that your whole body balance journey feels safe and well-planned. The first part will be to control our breath while lying down on our backs. The second part will be breathing exercises that are great for your overall body balance philosophy. As you probably observed when you did the body balance program, your breathing became fast, jerky, and uneven at some point. What we want to achieve with these breathing techniques is a way for you to “trap” your breath in your exercises so that a certain stillness and calm perdure when you execute these activities.

7. Assess your progress – Body Balance Checklist

Body balance checklist to assess progress

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