zumba for men is great alternative to gym

Zumba for men is a great alternative to gym

Zumba for men moves

If you ever read the tagline “Zumba for men” you might laugh it out at first. After all which man would want to be associated with the image of thigh women leggings and moves all over the place? So, is Zumba really for men? Absolutely. And in the next few lines you will realise why you should give it a try. Moreover, I also provide you with an exclusive Zumba for men program that will live you wondering why you never thought of Zumba before.

1. Can guys do Zumba?

This question is legitimate since many people associate Zumba with large tribes of excited women. I never considered the question from that angle since dancing has been instilled in me since I was a child. Rather the question anyone would ask, where I come from, is “why can’t you dance?
That said, it is understandable that men wonder if there is anything good that could stem from the practice of Zumba. However, to illustrate why you should have an open mind about trying the “other side” of physical activities, I remember few years ago I watched David Goggin’s (the former navy SEAL) on the popular JOE ROGAN PODCAST. As the interview went along Joe asked him if he practiced any yoga or flexibility.  

1.1. If David Goggins explore other venues,

His answer was along those lines “at first I discarded the practice, but when I saw how great it did for my body and its recovery, I practice flexibility every day for one hour”. If a tough guy tells you flexibility is important, you should give an attentive ear.

1.2. and some of the French foreign legion guys,

Aside for his example, I can also give you that of the Major Gerald PUT LINK from the French Foreign Legion. A man with more than 30 years of military services at the highest level; what characterises him is not only his physical prowess, but his ability to be physically strong even at 50years. And guess what’s one of the main reasons for this? He has a strong level of flexibility which allows him to do what he wants with his body.

1.3. So should you

Therefore, men should absolutely consider activities like Zumba since, they are work-out that challenge different parts of your body. You might think “but flexibility and Zumba are different”. Keeping reading and watch my program and you will understand why the two are highly connected in my Zumba for men’s programs. 

2. Is Zumba a good way to lose belly fat?

Zumba can definitely will help you with your weight. After all, that’s one of the reasons women love Zumba so much. That said, the types of food you eat need to be taken into consideration. If you eat a lot of fat food, you belly will shrink after you danced for a while but it won’t disappear completely. So good nutrition along with a Zumba for men program is a great recipe to lose weight fast, and with a smile on your face.

3. Can Zumba be considered a sport?

Not many people think about the physical activities involved when dancing, but in essence dance can be considered a sport of beautiful and correctly synchronised gestures. And that’s an important aspect of physical strength. You do not only train your muscle, but you’re your memory, the synchronisation between what you hear, how it is interpreted by your brain, then what parts of your body do in response to these interpretations. 

3.1. Some atheltes who used dance

Just consider the following names: Mohamed Ali, Bruce Lee, Anderson Silva, Yoel Romero and Israel adesanya. They have at least two points in common. They are or were intelligent fighters and love(d) to dance. It is not just that movement allow you to better handle physical contact situation better, but also interpret these situations from a different point of view.

3.2. Zumba and dancing is a sport

Whenever physical activities are mentioned for dance, people automatically think of Zumba. Although it’s not the most demanding of dances (believe it or not, other dances are way more demanding), Zumba increases your heart rate while working on your muscles. Other forms of dancing that are not classical or contemporary can be more demanding than Zumba. Afro-Cuban dances for example will test your strength and endurance very quick. Other dances include Cuban contemporary dance, break-dancing or even salsa.

4. Advantages of Zumba for men

There are many benefits for men to practice Zumba. From weight loss to socialising the advantages are plenty.

4.1. You can practice at home or in a studio

That’s not a neglectable advantage to be able to practice from home. One of the main issues men have with dance and Zumba is that they don’t want to feel like idiots in front of a bunch of girls because they have bad body coordination. With the program I have introduced, you can dance by yourself at home, then when you feel confident go to the studio. Oh…and did I mention that it’s free (no there is no hidden “leave your card details” free type of scenario. You click on the video and get to my YTchannel.

4.2. Increase your heart rate fast

Zumba will challenge your endurance pretty quickly, and with my program also your resistance. The whole process is excellent for having a great cardio.

4.3. Zumba for men and their flexibility

Another aspect of the practice is you can improve your flexibility. This is important, especially if you want to prevent injuries and to be able to practice regularly. Many people who head to gyms practice wrongly, get injured for a long time and lose motivation altogether. So, flexibility is another great benefit of Zumba for men.

4.4. Fun

Lose the tension in your shoulders for a second and just relax. Start dancing and in a matter of seconds you will have changed planet. Most men go to Zumba classes with the embarrassed feeling of the guy with two feet. Now that I gave you a program you can do when no one is watching you won’t feel like a two left footed when you go to a studio. 

4.5. Well, if you are looking for a girl…

Since Zumba dances classes are mainly populated by female, your odd at socialising with and finding a girlfriend increase dramatically. And now that you have some moves, guess who is the hot guy in class? There is a subliminal appeal to a woman in a man who can dance, it almost defies any logic. So, with dance you are at a super advantage.

4.6. Lose weight

Another advantage of Zumba for men is that, you can burn the extra calories you don’t like. After all, you might not want to build muscles but just want a way to trim down on your amount of fat. Well, with Zumba you can achieve that purpose.

6. How long do you have to dance to lose weight?

The amount of time you need to lose weight when you dance vary on the efforts you put into the practice. If you practice 3 times a week for one and a half hour each time, you should see positive results within 2 or 3 months. 

7. Zumba for men Program: a step by step guide

Since regular practice is the key to lose weight when dancing; it is important if not vital that you take care of one of the most underestimated aspect of any physical activity, namely a proper warm-up. Even before you go for a run you should have a set of rituals that makes sure your knees, ankles and other part of your body do not suffer too much from the exercise.

Stage 1: 15 minutes

This stage is about a proper warm-up. You can check the first level here. Do not let the simplicity and pace of this warm-up fool you. By the end of this exercise you will be sweating already. Don’t neglect either the positive effects of the body isolation part of this stage 1. I do it for a specific reason.

Stage 2: 5 minutes (can be neglected)

The second step is an escalation of the body movement. At that stage, you increase the speed of your movements along with the speed of the song. Unlike the level 1, you now try to engage more than one part of your body. This aspect can be neglected to go to level 3 directly.

Stage 3: 40 minutes

Now we get into the meat of this training exercise. We will use relatively simple moves that will fit specific songs. Only that the pace will be high. We will work on key muscles of the body such as the leg, claves, arms, core muscles.  We will do this séance for about 45 minutes with rest intervals every 5 minutes. Of course, you can go at your own pace with only few rounds at first. Gradually, we can increase to 7 rounds. 

Stage 4:10 minutes

The last step, which is the second most important stage of the whole session is the cool down. This part is compulsory because one of the greatest killer of motivations in doing physical activities, is injuries. You want to have a strong body along with a flexible one. So, please do not neglect this part. 

8. Frequency

For best result you should practice at least three hours a week. Ideally your sessions should be done every other day. Once more I insist, do not skip stage 1 and 4. I have different Zumba weight loss programs by level. If you enjoy that level 1 why not try the other level (give link to website). 
If this is the first time you do this session, go at your own pace but do not be surprised if the next days you feel some muscular pain, especially if you have not done any physical activities in a while.

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